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Add:jiujiangdadao road, jiujiang town, Foshan city.
Name:B4 Automatic Tape Edge Sewing Machine
Power Supply:3-Phase,380V 50HZ
Auto/Semi:full auto-flipping
Operator skill:Primary Worker

Product Description

Auto-Flipping B4 Tape Edge Sewing Machine

This mattress machine is maninly used for taping edge of mattress panel and soft cushion. 


The sewing head is fixed but can move up and down to adapt to different height of mattress.

The angle of the head is adjustable.

. When working, the conveying belt drives the mattress to proceed.

When one side is finished, this mattress machine can turn 90° automatically to start taping the next side.

The taping of the corner is finished while turning.


When the top four sides are completed, the machine can turn the mattress over for taping the other four sides.

This machine needs only one operator and there is no need for him to move around or overturn the mattress manually.

Higher efficiency and less labor is realized.

Main Technical Parmeters

包缝床垫厚度Mattress Thickness(150-300)mm 
机头升降范围Head Lifting Range(125-450)mm
工作台尺寸Table Size2000X3950X900mm
整机最大尺寸Machine Size 2380X1830X1650mm
电源Power Supply3-Phase,380V 50HZ
总功率Total Power 3KW
工作气压Air Supply(0.7-1.0)Mpa
总重量Total Weight 1300KG
生产效率Capacity 18 Units/h

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