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Add:jiujiangdadao road, jiujiang town, Foshan city.
Name:Used HC-S2000 high-speed computer single-needle quilting machine

Product Description

1, Independent design of industrial quilting head, stable quality, reliable performance, the maximum speed up to 2000RPM.
2, Supporting industrial large rotary hook, both automatic break detection and step-quilting embroidery function, pneumatic loose thread trimming accurate.
3, back off the quilted, presser foot height adjustment according to the thickness of the material.
4, powerful memory computing computer carrier, can accurately quilted a variety of complex graphics, but also any point of quilting, even intermittent boot can also guarantee the consistency of the pattern quilting.
5, Supports 360 degree independent quilting quilting and rotating quilting, can store up to 3000 flower patterns.
6, the system can be compatible with all quilted file formats and formatting systems on the market.
7, with on-duty production count, total output count, pattern effect display, processing trajectory display, automatic lift needle, reset fill, strengthen quilting and other functions.
8, Added full closed-loop correction function, back-off parameter correction function, corner speed quilting function.
9, four-axis high-power servo motor control by Japan, high precision, small noise vibration, accurate and stable operation.
10, an upgraded version of automatic clamping, feeding pull material easy to operate.
11, improve the cutting function, cross-cutting and trimming more accurate and error-free.

Quilt width≤2400mm
Quilting thickness≤80mm
Needle sizeDP ×17 21#/22#/23#
Rotation speed of needle2000RPM
Production speed(40-120)m/h
Power8.8 KW
Voltage3-phase,220V 60Hz 
Gross Weight4500 Kg
Size (L x W x H)10000 × 4500 × 1600mm

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